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Crystals look solid but are energy particles and mineral properties organised in an orderly 3 dimensional lattice composition.  We are made of energy particles and have a unique energy frequency. Your crystals will find you when the time is right and resonate with you.

Crystals and light holistically balance the mind, body and spirit.  Your state of mind has considerable influence on your wellbeing and physical health.  Emotions have their own vibrations which easily slip out of sync resulting in an imbalance of physical &/or mental states. 

Crystals are significantly used for their natural healing powers and focus on directing healing energy to a specific point on the body or to an emotional or mental blockage. Crystals also particularly promote mindfulness, clarity, concentration and creativity.

To clean your crystals they like to remain earthy. Just rinse them under warm & cool water & wipe dry to cleanse them & restore their sparkle.

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