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My name is Jilly and unfortunately, in March 2017, I got sick. Whilst recovering, I took the opportunity to reflect and make changes.


With the support of my family and friends, I took the step forward to meet some fateful people and started my amazing journey learning about detoxing, crystals, chakras, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, hot rocks massages and mindfulness. I’m now more holistically focussed on work and life balance and enhancing my physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health wellbeing.

I’ve always been fascinated and loved crystals even as a child.  Whilst recovering, I purchased my very first crystal chakra suncatcher. I was instantly smitten and amazed at how powerful suncatchers and crystals really are.


I then started designing and making suncatchers and other items that are very powerful, modern and sparkle too. I’m thrilled to have created Sunkissed Suncatchers and to provide my range to you.

Sunkissed Suncatchers bring you enhanced energy, mindfulness, improved Feng Shui & add more sparkle to your life!

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